Dean Tibbs Tomahawk Throw Rules image
  • The throwing line will be no more than 12 feet away from the base of the target block.
  • Each contestant, upon request may have up to two practice throws before their turn officially begins.
  • Five throws are allowed for each contestant.
  • No contestant may step over the throwing line while throwing their tomahawk.
  • The contestant with the most points at the end of the competition is the winner.
  • In case of a tie, the tied competitors will have one throw: If it is clear through points who is the winner, that person has won.  If the competitors all score the same point value with their final throw, the following will be used to determine the results.
    • Tomahawk is stuck in the block, but did not cut the card: A measurement of the distance between the blade and the card is the determining factor.  The tomahawk closest to the card wins.
    • Tomahawk has cut into the card: The tomahawk that has cut into the card the furthest will be the winner.
    • Tomahawk has cut the card in half: The tied competitors receive one more throw to determine the winner, using the scoring below or the tie rules above.
  • All tomahawks are subject to approval.  Only tomahawks are allowed to be thrown, axes will not be allowed.
  • A throw that misses the block or sticks into any part of the stand counts as zero (0) points. 
  • A throw that sticks into the block, but does not cut the card in any way is worth one (1) point. 
  • A throw that sticks into the block and cuts into the card is worth three (3) points. 
  • A throw that sticks into the block and cuts the card in half is worth five (5) points.
Target Block (Block)
Circle of wood that the competitors aim towards.

Target Card (Card)
A normal playing card pinned or stapled to the block which is the target goal of the competitors.

Target Stand (Stand)
The support base for the target block, usually made of wood.

Throwing Line (Line)
A line drawn 12 feet back from the target stand which the competitors throw from.

Tomahawk (Hawk)
A small, balanced, hand axe designed for throwing in competition. They are usually designed to be aerodynamic and to spin one time before hitting the block.